The Cosmos is the Final Frontier

This series is a tribute to the time of the Space Race. It refers to the competition between the Cold War rivals, the Soviet Union and the United States, for supremacy in space. A lot of inventions and insight about our universe were only possible because of this tough fight – and therefore its worth being remembered.


120 x 60 cm
Acryl on Wood

Endless Space

59 x 59 cm
Acryl and Wax Crayons on Wood

Cosos for Sale

83 x 58 cm
Mixed Media

A Shell

50 x 80 cm
Mixed Media


40 x 40 cm
Wood and Metal


56 x 100 cm
Acryl and Varnish on Wood 

The Consumaut

40 x 60 cm
Mixed Media

Ursa Major

30 x 60 cm
Mixed Media