My Name is Georg Barinov and I am happy to welcome you on my homepage lostcosmonaut.net.
Born in Russia but grown up in Germany, I consider my work as a synthesis of both cultures which both had a great impact on my life`s journey
My main common theme is the unlimited mass production, a side product in the age of capitalism. For many of my works I recycle the remains of our way of life: wrapping papers, plastic bags and all other sort of trash which are useful at the beginning and annoying after they are used. We are so used to the process of throwing things away that sometimes we forget how unnatural this way of life is.
My pseudonym Lost Cosmonaut is a reference to a country and a system which no longer exists but in which in was born: The USSR. Despite the negative aspects of the communism, people were depending on reusing things or repairing them – a more balanced attitude towards resources.
Today Russia is just as capitalistic as its former antagonist – and the amount of produced trash is growing every year.